Portuguese is one of the many languages offered by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.  Portuguese courses may be taken to satisfy the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, or to enhance one’s program of study as an elective.

Latin, Portuguese, and German
Students who have acquired a significant knowledge of any of these languages through high school study (usually two years or more) or by some other means are urged to consult the department’s placement director for advising. Students with no or inadequate knowledge of either of these languages should enroll in the first-semester course.

PORT 2301 - Accelerated Portuguese One
Accelerated Portuguese One (3-0) An introductory accelerated course in pronunciation and grammar of Brazilian Portuguese; practice in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. Prerequisite: One year in or working knowledge of another Romance language. Course fee required.

PORT 2302 - Accelerated Portuguese Two
Intensive Portuguese Two (3-0) A continuation of Portuguese 2301 with the introduction of more complex elements of grammar and additional practice in the four basic skills. Reading from modern Brazilian and Portuguese writers. Prerequisite: PORT 2301. Course fee required.

Please contact Dr.Debora Zamorano Liberal Arts Building room #129, phone  747-6360, e-mail dbzamorano@utep.edu for further information about the Portuguese program.