Course offerings for Fall 2017:

PORT 2301 - Accelerated Portuguese One

This course is an introductory accelerated course in pronunciation and grammar of Brazilian Portuguese; practice in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. Students will be introduced to various aspects of Brazilian culture through selected readings, music and videos.

Prerequisite: None, although prior study of another Romance Language (Spanish, French, Italian) is encouraged.

Course fee required.

PORT 2302 - Accelerated Portuguese Two

This course is a continuation of Portuguese 2301 with the introduction of more complex elements of grammar and additional practice in the four basic skills. Students will explore Brazilian culture through a variety of readings, music and videos.

Prerequisite: PORT 2301 (Students who have prior experience with Portuguese should speak with Dr. Adam Demaray about what level would be most appropriate for them.)

Course fee required.

PORT 3340 - Cultures of Brazil (course taught in English)

This course uses a mixture of literature, essays, songs, and films to introduce students to key aspects of Brazilian history, culture and society. As a discussion-based seminar course, students will explore and debate how key figures and key moments have reflected and shaped the identity of Brazil and its people. Students will also find opportunities to compare and contrast aspects of Brazilian culture with other countries in the Americas.

Classes will be conducted in English and all course materials will be either translated or subtitled. However, students who are able to read and write in Portuguese (or who are currently enrolled in PORT 2302) will have the option of completing readings and written assignments in Portuguese.

Prerequisite: None

Course fee required.