Latin is one of the many languages offered by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.  Latin courses may be taken to satisfy the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, or to enhance one’s program of study as an elective.

LATN 2303 - Accelerated Latin One
Accelerated Latin One (3-0) An introductory accelerated course in reading and writing Latin. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring a firm grasp of grammar and building vocabulary.

LATN 2304 - Accelerated Latin Two
Accelerated Latin Two (3-0) A continuation of Latin 2303 with the introduction of more complex elements of grammar and syntax and additional practice in reading and writing as well as exposure to more advanced Latin prose and poetry. Prerequisite: LATN 2303.

Please contact Dr.Maria-Socorro Tabuenca, phone  747-5767, e-mail for further information about the Latin program.