German is one of the many languages offered by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.  German courses may be taken to satisfy the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, or to enhance one’s program of study as an elective.

GERM 1301 - German One
German One (3-0) An introductory course with emphasis on pronunciation and the basic elements of grammar; practice in understanding speaking, reading, and writing.

GERM 1302 - German Two
German Two (3-0) A continuation of German 1301, with the introduction of more complex elements of grammar; additional practice in the four basic skills. Prerequisite: GERM 1301 or the department placement exam.

GERM 2301 - German Three
German Three (3-0) (Common Course Number GERM 2311) Oral and written work in German, with some more advanced grammar and an introduction to the writing of compositions. Reading from contemporary authors. Prerequisite: GERM 1302 or the department placement exam. Course fee required.

GERM 2302 - German Four
German Four (3-0) (Common Course Number GERM 2312) Grammar review, compositions, reading from contemporary authors. Prerequisite: GERM 2301. Course fee required

Please contact Dr.Maria-Socorro Tabuenca, phone  747-5767, e-mail for further information about the German program.