French is one of the many languages offered by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.  French courses may be taken towards the completion of a major or a minor in that area, to satisfy the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, or to enhance one’s program of study as an elective.

Students who have acquired a significant knowledge of French through high school study (usually two years or more) or by some other means are urged to take the French Placement Exam before enrolling. The Exam is offered by the Student Assessment and Testing Office, 127 Academic Advising Center (telephone915.747.5009 for testing schedule). The Department of Languages and Linguistics reserves the right to rectify errors in placement caused by a student's failure to observe these guidelines, including the option to drop a student enrolled in an inappropriate course. Students who take the Placement Exam and place out of one or more courses will receive equivalent credit upon completion, with a grade of C or better,for the course into which they have placed. No credit is granted by examination only. For further information, including information about the CLEP and AP exams, students should consult the French advisor.

FREN 1301 - French One
French One (3-0) An introductory course with emphasis on pronunciation and the basic elements of grammar; practice in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.

FREN 1302 - French Two
French Two (3-0) A continuation of FREN 1301, with introduction of more complex elements of grammar; additional practice in the four basic skills. Prerequisite: FREN 1301 or the department placement exam.

FREN 2301 - French Three
French Three (3-0) (Common Course Number FREN 2311) Oral and written work in French; grammar review; reading from modern French authors. Prerequisite: FREN 1302 or department placement test. Course fee required.

FREN 2302 - French Four
French Four (3-0) (Common Course Number FREN 2312) Grammar Review; reading from modern French authors. Prerequisite: FREN 2301 or the department placement exam. Course fee required.