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Arabic Program

Arabic is one of the many languages offered by the Department of Languages and Linguistics.  Arabic courses may be taken to satisfy the Liberal Arts foreign language requirement, or to enhance one’s program of study as an elective.

ARAB 1501 - Elementary Arabic I (4-2) An introductory course in Standard modern Arabic. Emphasis on Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and basic elements of grammar. Reading of simple texts and limited conversational skills. Strong emphasis on cultural context with significant WEBCT component.

ARAB 1502 - Elementary Arabic II (4-2) A continuation of Arabic I, with the introduction of more complex elements of grammar and oral and written communication skills within a cultural context, with significant WEBCT component. Prerequisite: ARAB 1501 with a grade of "C" or better.

ARAB 2401 - Intermediate Arabic I (3-2) More advanced (intermediate) competencies in communication and interpretive skills. More advanced (intermediate) readings, conversational skills. Higher level of cultural competencies. Prerequisites: ARAB 1501 and ARAB 1502, both with grades of "C" or better.

ARAB 2402 - Intermediate Arabic II (3-2) Grammar review and continued emphasis on communication skills, within a cultural context. Readings of texts in Standard Modern Arabic. Speaking, reading and writing competencies at the Advanced Intermediate level. Prerequisites: ARAB 1501, ARAB 1502, and ARAB 2401, all with grades of "C" or better.

Please contact Dr. Maissa Khatib,Liberal Arts Room #117, phone  747-7031, e-mail mkhatib@utep.edu for further information about the Arabic program.


Khatib, Maissa, PhD
Phone: (915) 747-7031 
LART 117


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