Message from the Chair

Welcome to the The University of Texas at El Paso's Philosophy department website!

We are very pleased to announce that Amy Reed-Sandoval, who is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Washington, will join the Philosophy department as tenure-track assistant professor for fall 2014. Amy specializes in Latin American Philosophy and Political Philosophy, and she teaches philosophy for children in Oaxaca, Mexico as a part of The Oaxaca Philosophy for Children Initiative. For more information about Amy and all of her exciting work, please visit her website: Welcome, Amy!

Our department offers undergraduate and graduate (M.A.) degree programs in philosophy. The programs provide rigorous training for students who might be interested in training for success in business and industry, or pursuing an advanced degree in law, medicine, economics, or philosophy.  

The department's faculty approach philosophical interests pluralistically, covering a wide swath of the philosophical terrain. Professors Arruda, Garbayo, and I have research projects in core analytic areas of philosophy, such as metaphysics and epistemology, while Professors Best and Simon have fine research accomplishments in continental philosophy, critical theory, and philosophical activism. Of special note, too, is Professor Emeritus Haddox's work in Latin American Philosophy.

I thank you for stopping by and encourage you to navigate through our website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.   

- Marc Moffett, Chair and Associate Professor


Upcoming Events

Metaphysical Grounding Reading Group
Site: TBD 
Topic: Paul Audi, "A Clarification and Defense of Metaphysical Grounding," ch. 3